The PTO Generator Specialist
The increasing demand for a reliable electric power source in today's society challenges the generator industry to provide more reliable and flexible sources of power such as our PTO generators. IMD, LLC is committed to exceed customer expectations in providing innovative designs and introducing state of the art technology into proven designs.

IMD, LLC has always been a focus driven company, striving to surpass the ever increasing needs of the generator market. People need reliable power when disaster strikes and we know that in order to fulfill that role; we have to constantly seek to improve our products. Our PTO and belt driven generators contain the highest quality components available on the market today. We know that the parts we place into our generators make them great. It is our goal to never settle building a product that just meets the needs of our customers but exceeds them.

Having the best components available is only half the battle; we also must have the people capable of handling them. Innovation, leadership and outstanding service are the result of a total commitment of IMD's flexible and skilled employees to become the leading specialized generator manufacturer. Our employees care about what comes off our assembly lines. We pledge to never send you a product that doesn’t meet your needs. Even though we dedicate ourselves to our products, things still can go wrong and we always keep a full inventory of spare parts for our products to make sure you are never left out in the cold.

Losing your power is never a good spot to be in and here at IMD, we want to make certain that you are prepared if you do.

IMD PTO Generators