IMD PTO Generators
For years, we at IMD have sought to increase the quality of the generators that leave through our factory doors. With advancements in metering technology and power output regulation, we feel we are achieving that goal. All of our units contain only 100% copper windings and UL/CSA circuit breakers and receptacles. Each unit is also equipped with a plug capable of carrying the full power of the generator directly into your house, through a transfer switch. For more technically information on our units and accessories, please select a category below.
IMD PTO Generators

Individually protected circuits- Every receptacle on our generators is individually protected by its own circuit breaker and ever circuit breaker is wired through the main circuit breaker for maximum protection.

Automatic Voltage Regulation- An optional feature that is available on many of generators is Automatic Voltage Regulation or A.V.R. The AVR technology regulates the output voltage of our generator to a higher degree of efficiency and allows for larger startup power.

Three Bar LED Meter- Gone are the days of the older needle-style analog meters. Now, all IMD PTO generators come standard equipped with a Three Bar LED Meter that monitors the Hertz, Volts, and Amperage of your PTO generator

UL/CSA Listed Circuit Breakers- All of our generators have UL/CSA approved magnetic circuit breakers, of the same or higher specifications than the one that protects your home or farm.